Asia Pacific Master of the Grid competition

If you’re a fan of the wildly popular Netflix documentary series ‘Drive to Survive’, you’ll be excited to see the return of the 2023 Formula One season.

At HKA, we are exhilarated to launch our very own Master of the Grid competition to bring the Formula One Championship to life, wherever you are in Asia Pacific.

Whether you are an avid fan of Formula One, a fan of the show, or have a competitive spirit, this is the competition for you.

How to win

Ten (10) points are awarded for each correct answer and zero (0) for an incorrect answer.

The maximum number of points available for each Grand Prix is seventy (70).

If more than one Participant gets a perfect round, the Participant whose selection was received first for that Grand Prix is the winner.

Driver selection will close the Friday before every qualifying race at 8pm GMT+8 / 11pm GMT+11 time. Competitors can change their driver selection up until that time.

The leaderboard will be updated on the next working day at 9am GMT+8 / 12pm GMT+11.

Participate for good

HKA is committed to making a positive, sustainable difference in the communities, environments and industries in which we operate.

Therefore, the prize for each Grand Prix is an HKA-funded donation to an HKA-approved charity, as nominated by the winner.

Championship prize

After the final Grand Prix on 26 November in Abu Dhabi, the person with the highest number of points will be crowned the competition winner and awarded the major prize – valued at US$1,000.

The winner also nominated a charity to receive an HKA-funded donation.

Contact us to join the competition.