Alistair Mein, HKA Partner and Head of Oceania, joins Champions of Change

HKA is proud to announce that Alistair Mein, HKA Partner and Head of Oceania, has joined the Champions of Change Coalition as a Member of Champions of Change Consult Australia Group.

The group brings together CEOs and Regional Managing Directors of infrastructure design, advisory and engineering businesses who are committed to bringing about change and advancing equality in a traditionally male-dominated profession.

“I believe as a leader, part of my role is to make interventions when on the wrong course. The lack of gender diversity in our industry, particularly in leadership roles, is stark, so at HKA we want to change this course. We can’t keep using the excuse that “oh, that’s just the industry we are in”. I can intervene at a company level, but to affect broader industry change requires a coalition of the willing, which is why I have joined the Champions of Change. I’m excited, honoured, and committed to working with and learning from industry peers and challenging my own biases to affect this positive change.”

Alistair Mein, HKA Partner and Head of Oceania

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