An interview with Nicky Batt, People Director, Oceania

HKA Oceania recently welcomed a new People Director, Nicky Batt, to the team.

Nicky has more than 25 years’ business experience as a People leader in operational human resources and organisational development in Australia, the Asia Pacific region, and globally. She has held senior roles as People and Culture Lead in Australia, Human Resources Director Asia Pacific, and Global Learning and Development Director in a number of industries, including consulting, IT and Not for Profit.

After six weeks in the business, we sat down with her to find out how she’s settling in and to get her first impressions.

How are you settling in while working from home?

Onboarding from home can be a great leveller. You don’t automatically prioritise getting to know the people sitting closest to you as there aren’t any. There’s also the benefit of getting to know the whole person – their home setting, their kids, pets, and occasionally their neighbourhood, if they’ve joined a meeting on their walk. I am, however, looking forward to meeting colleagues in person one day soon.

What are your reflections so far?

HKA is a robust business, full of amazing people who like to work hard and have a bit of fun. 

How is this role different from previous roles?

I’ve worked in a few different industries, but I find myself drawn back to consulting and working with really smart, talented people. HKA is smaller than a number of organisations I’ve previously worked in and as a result I’m looking forward to being able to get to know more colleagues and their career ambitions.

What have you been impressed with?

I’ve really appreciated the generosity of colleagues taking time to talk with me and help me understand HKA. I’ve already experienced great diversity of thought amongst colleagues, something I believe makes for better decision making and a much more interesting place to work.

What are the challenges and opportunities?

Our challenge is to create an environment that nurtures amazing talent and entices professionals to want to join the business and grow their career. This is also the opportunity. My passion is helping people learn and grow to fulfil their professional potential and I see an opportunity at HKA to do this.

How do you plan to shape HKA’s growth ambition and strategic plan?

People is everything in a consulting business – if we concentrate on hiring, developing, motivating, and rewarding the right people the rest will follow.

What is your plan over next few months?

I hope to get to know as many people as possible and start delivering on some learning and development initiatives.

What are your longer-term goals for HKA?

I’m looking forward to collaborating with my HKA colleagues to enhance HKA’s innovative culture and creating an even more amazing place for our incredibly talented people to realise their potential.

“Nicky is a highly experienced People leader in operational human resources and organisational development. As part of the Oceania leadership team and the global People team, Nicky is driving strategic people and performance initiatives and helping us provide a working environment where our people can flourish. It will be great to see Nicky take our People program to the next level.”

Alistair Mein, Head of Oceania


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