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Alexandra Scholes
Recruitment Manager
Middle East, Africa and Asia

What’s your background?

I am a seasoned recruiter with a successful track record delivering results in construction, engineering, IT, supply chain, logistics and procurement. I have been working in recruitment since 2006, starting my career in the UK with an IT consultancy where I embarked on a graduate training programme after university.

I moved to Dubai in 2009 where I continued to work with premier agencies in the region and had the opportunity to branch away from IT and work in new fields, which helped broaden my skills. I later had the opportunity to work in the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) division of Taaheed, which gave me a feel for what an in-house role would be like, paving the way for me to join HKA in May 2013. I am lucky to have a complete understanding of the recruitment process from both external and internal perspectives as a result.

What makes a candidate standout to you?

I would say, from a CV perspective, a candidate that leads with achievements and tangible results rather than generic job duties will certainly stand out for me. I look for a CV that is succinct and well presented. Our employees are expected to produce arbitration-standard reports and so the care they take over their CV should be a good representation of the quality of work they would produce while working with us.

During an Interview, confidence and high energy would be what I look for. When a candidate can answer a question in a brief, bright and confident way, I find that is a unique skill. Another stand-out characteristic is intellectual curiosity. A candidate who enjoys solving problems, dedicates themselves to their profession, is a student of their trade, and is using that curiosity to drive their career forward.

Best aspects of working at HKA

For me, the best aspect of working at HKA is the sense of family around our workplace. The work is hard, for sure, but even the hardest days are just as great when you have a great work environment that is encouraging and supportive. There are no ‘stupid questions’ and everyone, especially senior management, are approachable and always willing to share knowledge and give different viewpoints. We also have a very generous training bursary and are working on a fantastic in-house training programme – HKA Academy which I believe will really make us stand out amongst our competitors.

Something about yourself that everybody should know

I have spent my adult years trying to reconcile my obsession with fitness with my predilection for eating. To give you an idea of the scale of the challenge, I should tell you that my favourite restaurant is unlovingly nicknamed “The Pit”. We’re not talking kale and chia seeds here! I have also been known to order two dinners at a restaurant for love of variety. But I rise with the lark and hit the gym before sunrise. Fitness and food are my favourite things – except of course for oranges which should be banned!

"There are no ‘stupid questions’ and everyone, especially senior management, are approachable and always willing to share knowledge and give different viewpoints."

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