Meet Consultant Rebecca Trigg

Have you ever heard that saying that ‘straight roads don’t make skillful drivers’? Sometimes the career path to project management isn’t always your typical journey. Just ask Rebecca Trigg, HKA Consultant, whose journey took her from hospitality to transport.

Tell us about your background Rebecca.

I started out as a Store Manager for Starbucks Coffee and around a year into my role I was asked to open three store counterparts simultaneously. At first I was a bit intimidated, but after careful planning and breaking the project down into small and manageable steps, I knew exactly what needed to be done to succeed. It was really rewarding to see what the newly established team and I had accomplished and walk away knowing they were set up for success. This catalyst sparked my interest in project management.

Shortly afterwards, I joined Network Rail working in the Program Management Office for the West of England and Wales, where I was supporting the management of large-scale engineering programs such as Crossrail, Europe’s largest civil engineering project.

I joined HKA as a Consultant in 2017, working on the Easing Sydney’s Congestion (ESC) Program for Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) where I am streamlining the reporting process to drive consistency and transparency across different programs.

Since working at ESC, I have received two Recognition Awards at the Directors monthly team meeting; as well as receiving an Acknowledgement Award from HKA for my work with RMS. While at Network Rail, I won the ‘Best New Entrant to Project Management’. It’s this type of industry recognition that really encourages me to work hard and confirms that I’ve chosen a career that suits me.

What inspires you in the job?

How much exposure you get to a range of different topics; it’s not the same old thing every day!

Significant accomplishment to date?

I would say my biggest accomplishment was at my previous role at Network Rail when I was asked to put together a one-page document that showed key dates and project inter-dependencies across all programs in the West of England and Wales. The idea being, if any project slipped, the date could be moved and it would show the impact it had on key dates Network Rail had committed to deliver. This enabled senior management to make important business decisions. The reason this was such an accomplishment was because it not only challenged me to think outside the box to identify a solution to a problem, but also required me to identify the inter-dependencies between thousands of projects occurring annually over a five year period. I also had to take into account that one simple track renewal could trigger a domino effect on multiple committed dates.

What is a typical day for you?

Every day is different. My role focuses on how to improve existing processes through interacting with people and gathering information to work out the best plan forward.

How do you motivate yourself and how do you stay motivated?

Being busy and keeping myself busy.

If you had to start from scratch with what you know now, would you do things differently?

I would have joined the industry sooner, but have been very fortunate in all my positions in the opportunities I’ve been given and being surrounded by very talented individuals, so there’s nothing I would change!

Any advice for people doing MC?

Don’t be afraid to talk to anyone or ask the wrong questions. Basically, just get stuck in!


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