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2-Day Mastering Fidic Workshop

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May 24 2017
Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
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FIDIC contracts remain the contract of choice in many jurisdictions and regions around the world. Although often amended, even substantially, an understanding of the provisions, principles and procedures that underpin FIDIC forms of contract is essential and gaining such understanding greatly enhances one’s ability to interpret, apply and manage FIDIC-based building and engineering contracts. This course is designed to achieve that outcome and goal.


  • Be able to identify and select the FIDIC contract that is best suited for their project;
  • Understand the main rights, duties and obligations of the Parties;
  • Understand the role of the Engineer and that of the Employer’s Representative;
  • Understand the role of subcontractors under the FIDIC contracts and the provisions applicable to their selection and appointment;
  • Understand the role and importance of the program so that appropriate decisions can be made when planning and managing the execution of the works;
  • Recognize variations and understand the unique procedures applicable thereto;
  • Understand the FIDIC provisions applicable to claims by the Employer as well as claims brought by Contractor for an extension or time and/or in order to recover additional Cost;
  • Understand the responsibility of the Contractor for correcting defects, the purpose of the defects notification period as well as the procedures relating to Tests On and After Completion;
  • Get to grips with the certification process as well as the consequences of Taking-Over and Completion;
  • Understand the FIDIC processes and procedures applicable to the evaluation, certification and making of payments;
  • Gain knowledge of the remedies available to the parties in the case of breach of contract including suspension and termination.
  • Understand the composition, role and function of the DAB as well as other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and forums in the resolution of disputes.


  • GAIN a thorough understanding of all of the FIDIC contracts and of the prominent role that these contracts play in the building and engineering industry;
  • UNDERSTAND how to prepare the main documents making up a typical FIDIC contract including the Appendix to Tender, Employer’s Requirements / Specifications as well as the Particular Conditions;
  • BE ABLE to select, based on the relevant criteria, the most appropriate pricing module and contract for your specific project and understand how to implement and manage such type of contract;
  • APPRECIATE the role and function of the Engineer and/or of the Employer’s Representative in making determinations, assessing payments and issuing certificates;
  • PREPARE AND RESPOND to variations and to claims for an extension of time and/or cost.


  • Junior to mid-level Associates
  • Legal Advisors and Consultants
  • Contract Administrators
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers and Architects
Event Details
May 24 2017
Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
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