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Mock Adjudication

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June 20 2017
British Embassy, Berlin, Germany
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On 20 June 2017, our first Mock Adjudication workshop will take place at the British Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

The event will highlight the advantages and procedures of adjudication as a dispute resolution method to practitioners, on the basis of a fictitious case.

In Germany, adjudication is on the increase. Similarly, an increasing number of building contracts have corresponding adjudication rules. In addition, the reform commission commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction of Major Projects, has recommended adjudication in its final report of June 2015 as an out-of-court dispute resolution method. We assume that there will also be a legal anchoring of adjudication in Germany in the coming years.

Nevertheless, adjudication has long been in existence in the German legal system.

But what is the process? What are the potential traps?

At our event we will demonstrate what is important in the adjudication process, with reports from our speakers from the UK and Germany.

Our Mock Trial will give you the opportunity to get a hands-on insight into the adjudication process and to follow the individual roles in the procedure.

You will also have the opportunity to discuss the subject with our experts from the UK and Germany.

We look forward to an interesting exchange!


10.30am to 4.00pm


€290 per delegate

HKA - Workshop
Event Details
20 June 2017
British Embassy, Berlin, Germany
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