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NEC 4 – The Changes Explained – Half Day Seminar

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December 14 2017
Westlakes Science & Technology Park, Moor Row, Cumbria CA24 3JZ, UK
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This is a vital course for anyone involved with NEC contracts who requires a good practical understanding of the changes in NEC 4. It’s ideal for employers, employer’s representatives – project managers, quantity surveyors, engineers, architects etc, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Issues covered include:


  • Can emails now be used for notifying Compensation Events?
  • Can intranet systems be used for communicating?

Risk Management

  • How has the Early Warning system changed?


  • How does the new default mechanism work when a programme has been submitted to the Project Manager, but has not been accepted?
  • What additional information on Compensation Events is to be included in programmes for acceptance?


  • How has the payment regime changed?
  • How does the new final account regime work?
  • Can daywork rates for labour and staff now be agreed in advance?
  • How do the new value engineering clauses work?
  • Should you opt for retention bonds?

Compensation Events

  • Are there changes to the list of Compensation Events?
  • What are the changes to the fee percentages?
  • Has the Schedule of Cost Components changed significantly?
  • What is the ‘dividing date’?


  • How are collateral warranties dealt with?
  • What are the changes to the dispute resolution clauses?
  • What changes in terminology do we need to be aware of?
  • How has BIM been addressed?
  • When should the new Alliance and DBO Contracts be used?


9:00am to 9.30am Registration
9:30am to 12.30pm Seminar
A light lunch will be provided at 12.30pm


£175 per delegate, including VAT

NEC4 Compensation Events Breakfast Briefing John Jones Andrew Willis
Event Details
14 December 2017
Westlakes Science & Technology Park, Moor Row, Cumbria CA24 3JZ, UK
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