Peter Lau


Expert Information
Qualifications BEng (Hons)(Mech)
MEng (Mech)
Professional Memberships Chartered Engineer (Railway and Transportation), Snr MIES - Singapore
Services Forensic Technical
Sectors Industrial & Manufacturing, Resources, Buildings, Transportation Infrastructure
Expert Highlights
  • Chartered Engineer.
  • Strong track record in forensic investigation.
  • Specialises in niche forensic analysis, identifying root causes of complex engineering issues and material issues.
  • Extensive background in design of mechanical systems and system engineering. This includes setting up of new product test facilities and integration of new product test facilities with existing product test facilities.
  • Led a materials and forensics analysis centre for public transport operator.

Peter Lau is a Chartered Engineer (railway and transportation) with more than 30 years of engineering experience.

Peter has been cross-examined on multiple times regarding various engineering matters. He has also led a materials and forensic analysis centre for a public transport operator in Singapore.

Peter has an extensive practical background in forensic investigation, materials, design and system engineering. He led a team in the successful incorporation of a system engineering (risk-based maintenance) framework in accordance with the ISO 55001 Standard requirements, with only a year of preparation. He also has experience as a practising engineer in the design of mechanical systems for oil and gas and marine companies.

Peter has strong project management, design management and analytical skills. He specialises in niche forensic analysis to identify root causes of complex critical engineering problems and material problems; cases related to railway, industrial, oil and gas, marine, and defence industry.

Peter is a member of the Institute of Engineering, Singapore with a master’s in mechanical engineering. He is fluent in both Chinese and English.

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Location Singapore

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