Clients benefit from our insights and first-hand experience of working on diverse complex projects

Construction and engineering projects for industrial and manufacturing companies are prey to the common pitfalls of other large and complex projects – except we often see them exacerbated by several factors.

Modern plants need to integrate advanced technologies as producers seek to lower their operating costs, digitalise production, and avail of various innovations. Technical and contractual conflicts are prone to occur – in design work, which is often incomplete when construction is fast-tracked; in interface management, typically at second- and third-tier levels of the supply chain; and where existing facilities are being reconfigured for new technologies and sophisticated manufacturing systems.

HKA has advised on major construction and engineering projects across the world. As well as investigating and resolving claims and disputes, we analyse our findings and share the lessons learned with clients and the industry. Our research shows that skills shortages are an increasingly common contributing factor in several regions, while weaknesses in the management of contracts and the supply chain, and incomplete or inaccurate reporting often compound the problems and conflicts where they are not the direct cause.

Our clients benefit from the insights gained through such analysis and our first-hand experience of working on diverse complex projects. The lessons learned, for owners and contractors, range from procurement methods to project management. For example, we have seen how EPC and EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction / Management) contracts can be misunderstood and mismanaged, and the how variations and claims are maximised in this adversarial environment.

Sophisticated expertise is required not only to anticipate risks, but also in investigating how projects have been executed and assessing the losses and damages that arise. We deploy multi-disciplinary teams to decode this complexity. As well as delay and quantum experts, we call on process, civil and structural engineers, and 3D modelling or other specialists, including assessors of losses and damages, as required. Our clients are assured the most robust basis possible for a negotiated settlement or the detailed analysis required to support litigation.

We provided a range of expert, claims consulting and advisory services on industrial and manufacturing projects in many sectors, including:

  • automotive;
  • aerospace;
  • chemicals;
  • defence;
  • energy and resources;
  • food and drink;
  • electrical and electronics;
  • mining and metals;
  • pharmaceuticals and life sciences;
  • research and development;
  • rolling stock; and
  • shipbuilding and marine.

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