Deliver – Risk Management


HKA is a project delivery expert, applying practical expertise gained through leading and delivering a number of complex projects and programmes. We excel on logistically or technically complicated projects, or those with difficult timelines or budgets. Combining strategic vision with excellent project management credentials has allowed us to play a leading role on a wide range of projects across virtually every sector and building type. This diverse capability allows us to help our clients from the earliest stages of the project, from inception to handover and operations.


HKA provides the expertise, tools, processes and information systems to manage projects from the very start, including engagement of all advisers and consultants, establishment of the project framework and brief, and project structure and reporting.

We believe systems and controls must be present right from the start as they provide key feedback and diagnostic tools for a project, programme or organisation. We have found ensuring you get the best fit to your project, with full coverage of all the key components, is essential to establishing a system that will actually provide benefits from its outputs.

We believe this makes us pioneers in project management, employing best practice systems and controls to support innovative processes and outcomes. We have best-in-class systems ready to be implemented from day one.


Successful projects demand commercial management, strategic procurement advice, and an effective contracting strategy. Applying this approach to the early stages ensures effective management of projects and contracts from inception through to completion.

At HKA, our commercial management services offer starts with the development of the right commercial strategy to achieve your objectives. We provide robust commercial expertise in the bidding and procurement phases and in the contractual negotiations. A key part of our services is to monitor and ensure robust contract compliance and risk management.

We have an excellent track record in all project delivery structures and for preparing effective contract documents, carefully analysing business risks, and ensuring that projects are commercially focused at the outset as well as throughout the project life cycle.


Our risk advisory teams have the specialist capabilities needed to manage the risks that must be faced with any project, programme, portfolio or at organisational level.

The need to take and capitalise on risk underpins commercial markets and investment decisions. For public sector investments, the need to achieve cost and time surety of service outcomes is also critical. How these risks are managed can be the single largest contributor to success or failure.

By investing in better understanding and managing risks you can secure excellent returns. Our approach makes sure that risk management:

  • Is an integral part of the decision-making process
  • Informs the allocation (and release) of cost and time contingencies
  • Enables honest conversations and effective actions
  • Results in a strong risk culture that is pervasive throughout projects, programmes, portfolios and/or organisations
  • Maximises our client’s capacity to deliver a successful outcome.


Our risk advisory services include:

  • Strategic and organisational risk management
  • Portfolio, programme and project risk management
  • Cost and contingency modelling
  • Schedule risk modelling
  • Risk assurance and training.