Programme Performance Advisory

Our programme performance teams provide targeted interventions and longer-term support that boost performance of portfolios, programmes and projects across their life cycle.

With Programme Performance Advisory, we start with the end in mind and pursue an approach proven to improve delivery.

The initiation phase is critical to long-term performance. By investing in the best possible set-up – from organisational structure to governance, controls strategies and people capabilities – you give your investment the best possible chance for success.

Where programme and project delivery is core for organisations, baselining current capabilities and targeting sustainable and continuous improvement will underpin their overall performance.

Investment in how programmes and projects are managed should return more than the expected outputs from the newly built asset. By having a clear up-front plan for benefit realisation and change management, investments in buildings, infrastructure or other assets can generate wider benefits for the communities and stakeholders involved.

The client organisation needs to be empowered to support successful programme and project delivery. Focussing on your people and the systems in place for programme and project teams enhances their ongoing performance.

Our programme performance services include:

  • Maturity management modelling at portfolio, programme and project levels
  • Assurance and audit
  • Distressed programme and project turnaround
  • Organisational design
  • Change management
  • Complex programme and project set-up
  • Portfolio and programme office.