Risk Advisory

Our risk advisory teams have the specialist capabilities needed to manage the risks that must be faced with any project, programme, portfolio or at organisational level.

The need to take and capitalise on risk underpins commercial markets and investment decisions. For public sector investments, the need to achieve cost and time surety of service outcomes is also critical. How these risks are managed can be the single largest contributor to success or failure.

By investing in better understanding and managing risks you can secure excellent returns. Our approach makes sure that risk management:

  • Is an integral part of the decision-making process
  • Informs the allocation (and release) of cost and time contingencies
  • Enables honest conversations and effective actions
  • Results in a strong risk culture that is pervasive throughout projects, programmes, portfolios and/or organisations
  • Maximises our client’s capacity to deliver a successful outcome.


Our risk advisory services include:

  • Strategic and organisational risk management
  • Portfolio, programme and project risk management
  • Cost and contingency modelling
  • Schedule risk modelling
  • Risk assurance and training.