Select – Investment Choices


We work closely with asset intensive businesses to understand their challenges and develop strategies to help realise significant benefits and efficiency savings.

We are natural problem solvers who thrive on identifying solutions to achieve our clients’ outcomes.

We do this by constantly challenging conventional thinking and approaches and seek innovative and practical solutions.

Our teams have worked with numerous major asset owners to develop strategies to optimise enterprise, programme and project capacity, capability and efficiency.

Our goal is to help our clients meet stakeholder’s expectations and financial, environmental, social and community objectives.


HKA has significant experience in leading and managing the development of high quality Business Cases for major investment initiatives.

We are well versed in creating compelling cases for large-scale investments and we have extensive experience in creating key supporting strategies and plans for implementing the change, realising the benefits of the investment, and operating and maintaining the asset over its life.

HKA has led numerous major investments through assurance and gating processes, managing Cabinet and Treasury approvals, leading to the release of full investment funding.


On many projects, the assessment of benefits is completed late in the development stage in order to substantiate the case for an investment. As a result, the benefits established are often not a thorough review but rather a response to a product that has already been developed.

HKA is driving best practice in Benefits Management. Our approach uses a model whereby potential benefits are considered in their totality much earlier in the development phase and, as far as possible, used to create, inform and optimise the scoping, shaping and design of the project and the services outcomes. As a result of our approach, benefits realisation is far more specific, measurable and overall, more realistic.


HKA provides a considered approach that realises optimum value through the supply chain or within the client organisation. We have completed a significant number of strategic reviews, delivered business reform and advised on numerous major procurement transactions.

We firmly believe strategic procurement and transaction advice should not rely on primarily theoretical solutions or a commoditised approach to service delivery, often associated with the major consulting firms. Instead, we provide an approach that realises optimum value through the supply chain or within the client organisation.

We work closely with our clients to:

  • Provide practical solutions that can be integrated into business as usual (BAU) operations; developed and delivered by a team who possess hands-on experience in the development, procurement, delivery and maintenance of linear infrastructure assets and businesses.
  • Innovate through our knowledge of global procurement and commercial best practice, to bring fresh thinking and approaches.

At the core of our strategic procurement and transaction advisory services is a strong focus on deriving benefits to our clients through encouraging ongoing or early market engagement to develop long-term capability and relationships.


Our financial and commercial advisory team assist clients to raise the debt and equity needed to fund major infrastructure and capital projects. HKA has worked on feasibility assessments, financial modelling, procurement options, fundraising and commercial negotiations.