HKA represents clients in dispute board and contract adjudication proceedings on many of the largest and most complex construction projects in the world.

Dispute boards and contract adjudication are party-agreed mechanisms for the independent and impartial deciding of disputes that arise between parties on construction and engineering projects. One or three independent persons are selected and appointed by the parties.

The benefits of dispute boards and contract adjudication include ‘fast-track’ and ‘real-time’ decisions given during the project. Early decisions allow parties to proceed with certainty and prevent the stacking-up of disputes at the end of projects.

International Dispute Adjudication Brochure

Standing dispute boards and contract adjudicators act through the duration of a contract and have the advantages of building up extensive knowledge of a project and its evolving issues as well as establishing trust and mutual respect with the parties. These advantages make for an effective dispute resolution process – the majority of dispute board and contract adjudication decisions fully resolve party disputes or facilitate amicable settlement by the parties themselves.

Dispute boards and contract adjudication have become standard features of the most widely used international forms of contract. HKA provides the full range of expert services needed to secure favourable decisions, including:

  • Dispute strategy and management of proceedings, including hearings
  • Written and oral advocacy of case
  • Expert witness reports
  • Dealing with jurisdictional and other types of challenge
  • Amicable settlement and without prejudice negotiations