Spanning the technical/legal divide, our litigation teams can draw on the resources needed to speed up analysis and investigation. Highly qualified specialists are on hand to analyse the causes and impacts of delay, disruption or sub-standard quality. Practical project experience and insight from claims consulting quickly bring the most telling issues in a dispute into focus.

Our use of dedicated IT and graphics helps make otherwise complex and tangled issues clear. This ensures that clients minimise the risk of mounting a case that will fail when exposed to close scrutiny.

Our input bolsters the underlying research and structure of a claim or defence. Thorough preparation promotes the prospect of a favourable settlement or determination.

As part of our litigation support service we:

  • Provide strategy and technical advice
  • Prepare issue files and requests for admission
  • Answer and prepare interrogatories
  • Assist in depositions
  • Present claims analysis through expert reports
  • Provide expert witness testimony.

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