Firms today are faced with evolving cyber threats and an aggressive attack landscape. They must have a robust cybersecurity programme to ensure their most sensitive data, key systems, and business processes are protected. Maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the firm’s customers, relationship partners, and investors information is a standard that must be met.

HKA helps firms assess their current cybersecurity and privacy programmes for gaps and improvements. We analyse your firm’s programme based on your specific inherent risks, data characteristics, laws and regulations, and business objectives and requirements. HKA provides cyber, privacy, and information security professionals and teams, with industry subject matter expertise that will provide post assessment recommendations and implementation support.

Cybersecurity and Privacy advisory services:

Our Cybersecurity and Privacy advisory services are tailored to meet your firm’s needs. Engagements may be project based, retainer and/or subscription based, and employee augmentation.

Risk Management, Governance, and Compliance

Our Cybersecurity and Privacy team has extensive experience in developing, implementing, and managing risk management programmes that identify, monitor, manage, remediate, and properly accept risks based on the organisations risk appetite and risk tolerance. We help establish strong governance with policies and procedures that adhere to the organisation’s legal and regulatory requirements, and their defined objectives. Additionally, our team can establish and support compliance functions that will validate the controls within the policies and procedures are working effectively and efficiently.

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Training and education are key pillars of a sound cybersecurity and privacy programme. HKA’s Cybersecurity and Privacy team can assist your organisation with developing a new training programme or enhancing an existing programme. Whether your firm needs general staff and awareness training, or specific training on policies, regulations, technical skills (including application development), risk management, and other technology related items, we can assist.

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Third-Party & Vendor Risk Management

Most organisations are using third parties and vendors for varying amounts of services. From cloud providers and software applications, to human resource services, they all require proper due diligence, oversight, and ongoing monitoring. HKA’s Cybersecurity and Privacy team helps organisations optimise their third party and vendor management programmes by establishing appropriate policies and procedures, along with risk measurement methodologies. We can assist getting the third party and vendor risk management programme stood up for internal administration or create a hybrid model with support from our team.

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Incident Response

The biggest risk to most organisations is reputational risk, which is negatively impacted when firms have a cyber incident and fail to respond accordingly, efficiently, and effectively. HKA’s Cybersecurity and Privacy team assists organisations in developing and implementing cyber incident response programmes that are robust with proactive and reactive capabilities. Proactive measures include ensuring your team is prepared and has the right skills to detect and contain incidents. Reactively, incident response activities and the respective roles and responsibilities are clearly defined deployment protocols are managed so impact is minimised and restoration to normal operations is rapid.

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