1. Introduction to the DOD Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

An overview of the CMMC model and its foundations in FAR/DFAR requirements and NIST 800-171 specifications. The session will explore what organisations will need to have in place to achieve various levels of certification, along with best practices for getting started.

2. Developing a CMMC Plan & Strategy for Your Organisation

Course Summary

An interactive session to help organisations develop an approach and working-level plan to get certified under CMMC. The session will focus on ways to prioritise and organise efforts tailored to your specific organisation. Course materials will include planning templates to help organisations understand the specific scope of work required and how to balance costs, timelines, and levels of effort.

3. Understanding CMMC Maturity Levels

Course Summary

Exploration of CMMC Maturity Level regulatory and specification basis, cybersecurity objectives, and how these will impact how an organisation operates on range of levels.

4. CMMC Domains & Capabilities

Course Summary

Review of the model’s domain and capability, organisation of cybersecurity practices, and applicability to processes across maturity levels. And also, approaches to best plan efforts for a specific organisation’s operations.

5. CMMC Practices

Course Summary

Dive into the details of the different CMMC Practices and look at technical options, examples, and considerations for implementation and operations. Review model examples and reference details to better understand model expectations.

6. CMMC Processes

Course Summary

Exploration of the CMMC process models and their applications across domains and maturity levels. Gain an understanding of the CERT Management Model process improvement approach that is the basis for the CMMC Processes.

7. CMMC Certification Preparation

Course Summary

Ensure your team is ready for a certification review with this walk-through of preparation steps and activities that can help set you up for success. Explore best practices around organisation of materials and conducting exercises with key personnel, as well as common mistakes to look out for.

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