For organisations to realise the benefits of digitisation – the process of converting information from a physical format into a digital one – they must master conversion of data into knowledge. Doing so requires the embedding of digital behaviours, re-examining historic processes and making informed investments in technology.

HKA provides digital advisory services to both the public and private sector that maximises the commercial opportunity and minimises the risk of digitalisation, at any stage of the asset lifecycle or across project portfolios.


Embracing digital transformation is key if engineering and construction is to rise to the challenge to build quicker for less. HKA catalyses transformation by proactively supporting the digital maturation of clients and their supply chains. Doing so unlocks whole life cycle cost savings that have proved elusive to date.

By identifying and documenting the flow of mission critical data within an organisation or across supply chains, HKA optimises the conversion of data into knowledge.

Improved information liquidity reduces redundancy in decision making, thereby maximising the value of data to stakeholders. We empower decision makers by removing the noise of insignificant information ensuring clients can access relevant data on demand.

Increased returns on digital investment, greater confidence in time and cost forecasting, streamlined record keeping, reduced overheads, decreased uncertainty and dispute avoidance by proxy are all examples of how HKA’s digital advisory services improve commercial outcomes.


HKA provides a range of services that catalyse digital transformation and benefit realisation, including:

  • Digital strategies that deliver client outcomes
  • Assurance of supply chain digital deliverables and developing work plans for improvement
  • Building collaborative digital environments and cultures of trust
  • Assessing digital risks and opportunities
  • Data and analytics to optimise digital assets and capitalise on what you already own
  • Harnessing digital to support or rebut claims