Forensic Technical Analysis

HKA’s forensic technical engineering expertise is vast - from buildings and property to mechanical and process; from civil and structural to marine, naval and offshore; from health, safety and environmental to energy and power. Whether an individual or team of experts is required, HKA is able to provide a solution that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Independent forensic analysis is often required when technical problems impact the operation of a business. HKA’s engineering expertise allows us to conduct investigations to pinpoint the reasons for failures or poorly performing equipment and systems. Our reports and advice enable clients both to remedy the problem and seek redress.

Our forensic investigations also cover safety matters. We have provided clear and concise expert reports on individual injury cases ranging from mild burns to fatalities.

HKA clients include property owners, businesses in many industries, public sector authorities, and the legal community. Our breadth of engineering knowledge means that our experts can provide a wide range of support to our clients’ businesses, – from energy audits of manufacturing plants to tailored advice for highly specialised companies in niche markets.

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