HKA becomes the world’s largest construction consulting, expert and advisory group

HKA becomes the world’s largest construction consulting, expert and advisory group following the completion of the management buyout of Hill International’s Construction Claims & Consulting Group (CCG) that is backed by Bridgepoint Development Capital.

The newly independent firm has been restructured to bring all its firms under one global business and brand, HKA.  This new international consultancy will be headquartered in Warrington and London, England, UK.

HKA is amalgamating six brands into one business, uniting an international group of specialist advisory, consulting and expert engineering firms to create a unique, globally connected, integrated service offering.

The six brands incorporated into HKA are:

  • Hill International (CCG) plus subsidiaries:
  • Knowles, headquartered in Warrington, England, UK
  • Hill-PCI Group, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • McLachlan Lister, headquartered in Sydney, Australia
  • Binnington Copeland & Associates, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Cadogans, headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, UK


HKA has approximately 960 professionals in 42 offices worldwide, providing clients with access to a global suite of services that embraces advisory, consulting and expert services.

The new firm is led by Renny Borhan who becomes Chief Executive of the international firm. Other members of HKA’s executive management team are Frank Giunta, President, Americas; Toby Hunt, President, Europe; and David Merritt, President, MEA (Middle East & Africa).

Commenting on the completion of the deal, Renny Borhan stated:

“In every market sector, projects are becoming ever more complex and international. HKA is a firm uniquely positioned to address this, combining our businesses and brands to provide seamless access to integrated advisory, consulting and expert services anywhere in the world throughout the life cycle of a project. Our new structure and approach creates unparalleled opportunities for us and our clients and we look forward to demonstrating our enhanced ability to decode project complexity anywhere in the world.”

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