Why HKA?


Through our unique breadth of specialist capabilities, we continuously strive to add value, create solutions, deliver excellence and exceed expectations.

We work collaboratively with our clients. Our success revolves around building individual relationships and trust. We believe in offering a steady hand to our clients through careful thinking and analysis. At the same time, we strive to deliver a responsive service allowing us to bring our knowledge to bear in any situations that arise with innovation and inventive thinking underpinning our service offering. We always seek to provide superior solutions by asking the right questions.

We are guided by our client value proposition, that we: make the complex clear and logical, understand people and collaborate and enable and empower clients. Our brand values and core principles shape our behaviour and actions, ensuring we remain on the right path and fulfil our goals for our clients. We continuously strive to add value, create solutions, deliver excellence and exceed expectations.


HKA works with a broad range of clients including government agencies, local authorities, contractors, legal firms and other professional service providers, as well as owners and operators, financial institutions and insurers.

Expertise, knowledge and insight

We have hundreds of subject-matter experts – quantum, delay & disruption, engineering, architectural and technical, forensic accountants and investigations, commercial damages and valuation, and government contracting – who are recognised by the industry as leaders in their field. They have the commercial, financial, planning, scheduling, technical and language skills to get quickly to the heart of the most complex and challenging issues.

HKA also has the unique breadth of specialist capabilities offered by 500+ engineering and technical experts in disciplines, including building services, civil and structural, geotechnical, health, safety and environmental, instrumentation and control, marine, mechanical and electrical, metallurgy and materials, oil and gas, and process and energy.

Markets and industries

HKA’s global portfolio includes prestigious projects on every continent and in market sectors and industries that include aerospace and defence, construction and engineering, energy and natural resources, environment and climate change, financial services, life sciences and healthcare, manufacturing and industrial, marine and shipping, sports and entertainment and technology, media and telecoms.

Our forensic accounting and commercial damages teams specialise in areas such as valuations, economic damages, investigations, bankruptcy, intellectual property, post acquisition disputes and insurance claims.

HKA experts’ experience in government contracting is profound and covers contract disputes, investigating allegations of false claims and defective pricing, compliance reviews and audit services as well as other tailored support.

Reputation and professional standing

HKA has ranked as the top firm in Who’s Who Legal (WWL) Construction Expert Witnesses analysis for the last seven years, with our leading quantum, engineering and delay experts being recognised for their skills and reputation.

Our expert witnesses also feature in WWL’s Arbitration, Energy, Commercial Litigation, Quantum of Damages, Forensic Accounting, Investigations and Intellectual Property analysis, selected for their excellence across a wide range of matters in dispute.

We are consistently ranked highly in Global Arbitration Review (GAR) GAR 100 Expert Witness Power Index. The Power Index ranks expert witnesses by looking at the volume and value of two years’ worth of hearings.

Who’s Who Legal Construction Expert Firm of the Year, 2018, 2020 & 2022

Ranked #1 in WWL Construction Expert Witnesses analysis for seven consecutive years (2017-2023)

Ranked #2 in the 2024 GAR Top 100

Ranked #3 in WWL Arbitration Expert Witness analysis

In the Global Arbitration Review (GAR) 2024 Top 100, 17th Edition, HKA was ranked #2:

• #1 in disaggregated hearings, with a total of 193
• #1 in disaggregated cross-examinations, with a total of 166
• #1 in disaggregated commercial hearings, with a total of 171
• #1 in energy sector hearings, with a total of 45
• #1 in construction industry hearings, with 102 disaggregated hearings

HKA is the largest accredited Corporate Provider of Expert Services with the Academy of Experts with individually accredited experts from Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

We share this unparalleled expert knowledge with industry stakeholders. HKA has long hosted knowledge forums, seminars and workshops with leading KCs, barristers, lawyers and trade associations worldwide.


As well as more than 500 expert witnesses, HKA now has in excess of 500 advisors and consultants across 45+ offices in 17 countries.


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