HKA recognises that it can have an impact on the environment, both directly from our operations and indirectly through our services. We seek to manage our environmental impacts, risks, and opportunities to reduce the cost of doing business, and to protect and enhance the environment in which we operate. In keeping with HKA’s overall vision of making the best possible outcome a reality, every time, we are committed to outcomes that create multi-faceted benefits for the environment, our clients, and the community as a whole.

HKA donates to the World Land Trust (WLT) initiative, Plant a Tree 

HKA integrates a sustainable approach to running a business; it is our commitment to doing things in an innovative, creative, and commercially viable way to improve our environmental, social, and business outcomes in our operations as well as our projects. In this regard, one of our priority areas is to ‘walk the talk’ and begin by designing more sustainable outcomes for our operations.

Our aim is to develop strategies and objectives associated with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’.

Below you will find case studies that provide examples of our contributions.

“Environmental sustainability means respecting the boundaries of our planet and its resources and we all have a responsibility to ensure our planet is protected for future generations. At HKA, we are working to improve the sustainability of our operations and furthering our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Peita Calvert - Environment Sustainability Committee Member, Oceania