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“We all have an individual responsibility to protect our planet and ensure resources are used wisely. At HKA, we are actively working to measure and reduce our carbon footprint and increase our contribution to the global efforts of environmental sustainability.”

Alex Lee, Principal
Colleagues from our London office spent a day volunteering at Lavendar Pond Local Reserve to clear the reservoir, work on pond and bank maintenance and plant saplings.

We recognise the urgent need to address climate change and contribute to a more sustainable future. At HKA, we prioritise promoting a healthy and clean environment for present and future generations. To achieve this, we aim to mitigate, reduce, and offset our carbon footprint across our operations through the collection of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

To ensure the reduction of our carbon footprint, we align our objectives with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically focusing on UNSDG13: Climate Action and UNSDG15: Life on Land. This approach is integral to our Environmental Management System accreditations. It encompasses the management of emissions and resources, including but not limited to travel, energy, water, waste, and local office sustainability actions.

Our key environmental results (2022-2023)


trees planted with:

Our accreditations

ISO 14001

environmental management systems implemented [Australia]

Below, you can read our Environmental Sustainability Purpose Statement and Policy, Environmental Sustainability Accreditations and a selection of case studies on how we protect the environment.


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