HKA provides advisory services at every level, from project to enterprise, to help clients achieve desired outcomes, with more clarity and certainty.

Our role is to provide incisive and timely support at critical stages in your asset’s development.

We do this through our integrated service, working as your partner to Select, Steer, Deliver, Control and Optimise portfolios, programmes and complex projects, or we can provide discrete elements of these services as a specialist advisor.

It takes a suite of specialist skills to secure successful outcomes no matter how complex and challenging the commission. Our people are the leading professionals within our industry. The teams we assemble not only embody the blend of specialist capabilities required for each assignment, they also draw on relevant first-hand experience from a broad range of sectors.

Creative and analytical problem-solvers, our experts bring this holistic perspective and track record of achievement to bear on the challenges confronting our clients.

Their insights are backed up by our market leading knowledge base and supported by ongoing investment in training and technology.

It is this combination of world-leading expertise and experience that enables HKA to create value, delivering advisory services that always achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.