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“Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) at HKA means involving all colleagues in all opportunities and activities, so everyone gets a fair chance to succeed, while diversity means bringing all types of people to all parts of our business.”

Chris Bernard, Partner, Global People Recruitment & Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Here at HKA, we are the product of our global footprint. We understand that each of our colleagues has a role to play in continuing to elevate our focus on equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) within our business. Our cohesive company culture continues to be sustained through our prioritised and unwavering commitment to raising all voices and perspectives, using our differences as a strength.

Our global colleague community works within multi-cultural and diverse environments, coming from different backgrounds and having skills and perspectives that are all housed within the 18 countries we operate. Equally, we recognise our clients stem from a vast range of environments, and we are constantly learning from each other’s perspectives and insights.

ED&I for HKA goes beyond a statement of purpose and reflects our proactive culture and authentic commitment.

Please watch the following video to hear about ED&I at HKA and its significance to our business.

As an equal opportunity and inclusive employer,  we value and honour each other’s differences including those of age, disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation, and firmly stand against any forms of discrimination. Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is the foundation of our global business model which supports us in demonstrating our expertise and innovation. Through this, we can continue to expand our footprint globally and create an inclusive environment for both our colleagues and clients.

We align our ED&I objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals UNSDG5: Gender Equality and UNSDG 10: Reduced Inequalities.

Some of our current ED&I initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • As a business, we are passionate about having a diverse workforce and are committed to organically having a merit-based gender balance of 50:50.
  • We have established executive-sponsored, colleague-led regional ED&I Committees, where colleagues come together to discuss and prioritise ED&I initiatives, create awareness of the importance of ED&I across each region, and celebrate noteworthy international days such as International Women’s Day and International Men’s Day.
  • We seek the views and opinions of our people on ED&I matters and undertake an annual anonymous colleague ED&I survey where we analyse the results and prioritise key improvement actions.
  • We have designed and delivered ED&I live learning including unconscious bias training to all colleagues by our global learning and development team.
  • We take great pride in participating in regular external events promoting the importance of ED&I in our industries from participating in Women in Construction events, topical panel discussions and webinars.
  • HKA is a proud early signatory of the Equal Representation for Expert Witnesses (ERE) Pledge where we have committed to increasing, on an equal opportunity basis, the number of women appointed as expert witnesses in dispute resolution procedures worldwide. This looks to achieve a fair representation as soon as practically possible, with the ultimate goal of full parity.

Key results from our ED&I survey


“At HKA, people of all backgrounds are accepted for who they are.”


“I believe HKA would respond appropriately to instances of discrimination.”


“HKA supports ED&I.”


“I’m confident I won’t be discriminated against at HKA.”


“A diverse workforce is a clear priority at HKA.”


“I’m satisfied with HKA’s efforts to support diversity and inclusion.”

Our ED&I targets


HKA’s target to achieve internal colleague merit-based gender representation.

Equality for everyone. Diversity valued. Inclusion always.


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