We anticipate. We investigate. We resolve.

HKA experts, consultants and advisors plot a clear path through risk, technical problems and disputes to the best outcome achievable. We have an enviable track record overcoming complex challenges across a wide range of industry sectors and disciplines. We attract, retain and develop the leading talent from across the industry and a wide range of disciplines. So you can draw on a complete spectrum of consulting, expert and advisory services that is unmatched.

Our professionals are experts in quantum, engineering, delay, disruption, damages and government contracts. We call this capability QED+.

QED+ is a multi-disciplinary service that gives clients the range of experts they require from a single source. QED+ streamlines and improves the entire dispute resolution process.

Our QED+ service enables rapid mobilisation of expert teams, greater co-ordination and collaboration, thus providing better outcomes and value for money. Clients have an integrated team with a comprehensive combination of capabilities to resolve whatever challenges they face.

As well as more than 500 expert witnesses, HKA has in excess of 500 advisors and consultants with the skills and experience to get to the heart of even the most complex issues.