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Clients use our delay and disruption analyses to prove the relationship between cause and effect when presenting claims for delay and disruption in various forums.

HKA experts use a variety of methods when analysing delay during the construction process, choosing the most appropriate to the circumstances.

Our experts are widely-experienced experts in the fields of disruption and delay analysis. They apply sound planning principles to evaluate and report on issues of productivity and extension of time. Our delay and disruption experts also audit programme sequencing, and they advise on and help prepare appropriate submissions to the contract administrator in response to the effects of change, and calculate the exact impact of disruption on the completion date.

How our delay and disruption experts can help

Our specialists are experienced in construction management, project planning and critical path methods of retrospective delay analysis. They have worked on expert appointments related to delay and disruption claims in buildings, industrial, infrastructure, oil & gas and power & utilities construction projects worldwide.

Our experts draw on specialist expertise from a range of areas for this work, including:

  • Productivity and extension of time
  • Delay analysis methodologies
  • Forecast cost to completion
  • Schedule analysis and audit programme sequencing


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