Our bankruptcy litigation experts focus on identifying value and maximising your recoveries in the most efficient way possible.

Experience in investigating financial transactions and recovering assets and losses is crucial when dealing with distressed companies.

A variety of related entities may be impacted by bankruptcies – from financial institutions and investors to joint venture partners, owners, customers, vendors, and general or subcontractors. Whatever your relationship, a thorough investigation of the transactions and dealings leading to insolvency will maximise the potential for recoveries.

Our bankruptcy litigation services add value for our clients at all stages including pre- and post-bankruptcy proceedings. HKA investigative teams combine forensic accounting and commercial damages expertise with experience in identifying and valuing potentially diverted assets, tracing those assets globally, and navigating the many paths to recovery.

Strength in depth

We have a strong line-up of expert witnesses with significant testimony experience in jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations (international and domestic), mediations, and depositions.

Our professionals include Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, professionals Certified in Financial Forensics, Certified Valuation Analysts, and Professional / Chartered Engineers.

They have honed their skills working as forensic accountants and experts for receiverships, debtors-in-possession, and creditor committees, and can serve as, or assist, appointed receivers.

Our industry experience spans most industries, including agriculture, mining, retail, manufacturing, gaming, financial services (including hedge funds and commodities), oil & gas, construction, insurance, and power, among others.

Focus on value

HKA teams focus on identifying the value remaining in bankruptcy and maximising your potential recoveries in the most efficient way possible. Our work – in or outside of bankruptcy court – involves identifying, valuing, tracing, and evaluating complex transactions at distressed companies, in-court bankruptcy filings, and activities such as:

  • Expert advice and testimony on claims for fraudulent transfer, diversion of assets, preference, and other avoidance actions;
  • Unwinding complex transactions to identify value;
  • Investigating related-party transactions;
  • Analysing causes of business failure;
  • Solvency analysis and determination of ‘reasonably equivalent value’;
  • Testifying on the indicia of fraud;
  • Forensic accounting, including cashflow investigation and forecasting, and detailed funds/asset tracing analysis around the globe;
  • Tracing analysis for the identification of collateral in defunct insurance companies;
  • Accounting issues and audit malpractice claims related to bankrupt entities; and
  • Ponzi scheme investigations and analyses

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