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Wherever you operate in the world, our regulatory consulting experts arm you with the facts and insights to respond with confidence to regulatory scrutiny.

An ever-changing landscape of regulations has created a potential minefield for businesses, raising the risk of government investigations and enforcement action. This risk is far-reaching, given the wide and sometimes international remit of national laws, including US and UK legislation.

Regulatory investigations cause serious business disruption and consume significant management time and resources, often compounded by collateral damage to brand and reputation, and the material sanctions and fines that may result.

Helping you manage risk

Limiting regulatory risk requires a thorough, unbiased assessment of your organisation’s internal controls and compliance. Our regulatory compliance consultants help you determine exposure to enforcement action and identify measures to remediate deficiencies and mitigate future risks.

Wherever you operate around the world, HKA’s regulatory consulting services arms your enterprise with the facts and insights you need to respond confidently to local and international regulatory scrutiny of alleged bribery and corruption, money laundering, economic sanctions violations, and other matters.

HKA teams include specialists in forensic accounting, data analysis, financial investigation, money laundering, fraud and corruption, and cybersecurity.

Why HKA?

The combination of this diverse skillset with profound experience is the key to the perspective and authority we bring to our work.

HKA’s regulatory compliance consulting specialists have decades of experience helping clients proactively assess and test controls, conducting internal investigations, and responding to regulators’ inquiries, formal investigations, and enforcement actions. This is in addition to their work on other corporate fraud investigations.

We have the resources to carry out large-scale assignments around the globe. And our experts have extensive experience testifying on regulatory matters in various jurisdictions. Whether clients are a victim of internal or external fraud, our teams trace assets and evaluate the possibility of recovery either within or outside of litigation.

HKA can also quickly field compact teams with the right blend of skills and experience to achieve rapid and cost-effective outcomes. In many cases, our expert assistance avoids the need and expense of litigation.

Eminently qualified

Our regulatory compliance consultants are among the most experienced in their fields holding the most recognized certifications in the industry – Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, professionals Certified in Financial Forensics, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, Certified Experts in Cyber Investigations, and Certified Cryptocurrency Forensic Investigators. They also bring extensive business acumen from their careers in a variety of industries.

We have worked with various national governments, and in the US have collaborated with most regulatory and quasi-regulatory agencies.

Our specialists help clients assess and test compliance programmes, carry out forensic investigations, and monitor services subject to regulations ranging from anti-money laundering to whistleblowing. Relevant legislation include the UK Bribery Act, and in the US – the CARES Act, Dodd Frank, the False Claims Act (FCA), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), USA Patriot Act, and Bank Secrecy Act.

After completing investigations, HKA often provides further assistance by developing and delivering training courses to enhance controls in high-risk areas and help internal staff monitor future compliance.


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