Achieve operational excellence and change to maximise value.

From assessing maturity, capability, or carbon impacts to designing change or developing capacity, a strategic review will quickly establish your organisation’s capability, capacity and maturity, identifying areas and plans for improvement.

By combining the data obtained through strategic reviews with our extensive CRUX data lake, we can bring genuinely unique, data-driven insights into the causes of distress and work with you to set your organisation or project up for success.

We tailor services to meet individual customer needs while also using industry recognised assessment tools such as P3M3 and Project 13 to identify opportunities for change and areas for improvement.

HKA has the expertise to help you drive value through:

  • The design and implementation of frameworks for the management of the whole of the asset lifecycle from planning through project delivery and handover to asset owners
  • Proactively managing change programmes that seek to reap the benefits of collaborative partnerships
  • Understanding the importance of stakeholder engagement and communications to support transformational change
  • Asset management frameworks that build a line of sight from the enterprise objective to asset operations and performance

For programmes that have the potential to drive change in the industry, we can help you define the likely impacts in the long term and identify the risks and opportunities.

We provide expert capability at the right time to influence and inform effective decision-making. Our people are creative and analytical problem-solvers who can design and develop processes to achieve transformational change. Our strategy and delivery programmes are geared to ensuring sustainable, world-class outcomes for our clients.

Our core products include:

  • Data-driven reviews
  • Strategic review and health checks
  • Maturity and capability assessment
  • Project, programme and portfolio frameworks and processes
  • Carbon impacts assessment
  • Strategic asset management
  • Change management, including organisational design, stakeholder engagement and communications
  • Mobilisation of collaborative arrangements
  • Delivery readiness
  • Innovation and legacy frameworks for industry-wide programmes

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