HKA experts routinely provide independent valuations of highly complex businesses.

Mastery of valuation concepts and strategies is fundamental when disentangling the intricacies of disputes between businesses and stakeholders if you are to achieve an optimal resolution.

Our valuation experts assess the value of businesses, shares and assets, and diminution in value, applying these skills across various engagements, including:

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Investor-state disputes
  • Contract terminations
  • Post-M&A disputes
  • Divorces
  • Employment disputes

Why HKA?

Companies, stakeholders, and their legal advisers in just about every industry have – with our help – achieved clear and credible assessments of the valuation issues arising from their disputes.

Our teams ensure that valuation opinions are robust and persuasive. HKA’s valuation experts:

  • Examine company books and records and research sectors to fully understand the drivers of value
  • Deploy a suite of analytical methods to value businesses and ownership interests
  • Apply careful thought and method in assessing the more subjective, and therefore contentious, valuation aspects
  • Provide expert determinations
  • Support mediation and settlement negotiations
  • Prepare clear and incisive expert reports
  • Testify at court and arbitration hearings

HKA’s impartiality and authority inspire trust. We regularly act as neutral experts or determiners, or act for one of the parties in a determination or arbitration to resolve valuation disputes. Where necessary, we draw on our experience to design a process, procedures, and a schedule for determining a dispute, so we are transparent and even-handed.

Our experts have provided numerous independent valuations of highly complex businesses. These are not only soundly based on applicable valuation standards and best practice, but also bolstered by our experts’ accumulated business knowledge, resulting in reliable and robust valuations.

Industry expertise

From valuing minority interests to assessing diminutions in value in investment treaty disputes, HKA’s experts have been involved across the spectrum of industries – from mining, power, telecoms, infrastructure, aviation, and manufacturing, to finance, insurance, hospitality, healthcare, and the food sector.

Our work spans the globe, so our people have extensive experience testifying in various jurisdictions. Through our worldwide network of offices, HKA has the capacity to resource largescale assignments and to assemble multi-skilled teams, blending forensic accounting, commercial damages assessment, data analysis, and industry-specific expertise with our valuation specialism.

HKA’s valuation experts can also work in conjunction with our global delay, quantum and engineering experts where needed.


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