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Disputes happen.
The question is how best to resolve them.

Quantifying the cost and time impacts, investigating engineering issues, assessing the effectiveness of project management, and analysing delay, disruption and damages – all require specialist expertise.

How we can help

At HKA, we have hundreds of experts, consultants and advisors who have the commercial, financial, planning, scheduling, technical and language skills to get quickly to the heart of the most complex issues.

Whether providing expert advisory, expert determination or expert witness services, HKA provides the unique, multidisciplinary service that combines quantum, engineering, delay, disruption, and damages.

A multidisciplinary approach to disputes

Benefits of a multidisciplinary approach

Our multidisciplinary expert service streamlines and improves the entire dispute resolution process. Expert teams are assembled to embody the most comprehensive experience from our global network, and deployed rapidly.

Clients can have direct access either to stand-alone experts or an integrated expert team of problem-solvers, who thrive on decoding complexity.

This unique capability not only ensures a seamless multidisciplinary service, it enables greater collaboration and provides better value for money.

Clients tell us that this coordinated approach delivers significant added value. They deal with an experienced Expert Lead, who is responsible for managing the assignment and maximising the benefits of collaboration by HKA experts from multiple disciplines.


HKA has extensive quantum, engineering, delay, disruption and damages experience involving all types of projects across a wide variety of industries, including buildings, industrial and manufacturing, transportation infrastructure, power and utilities and resources worldwide.


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