Claims and disputes arise on even the most carefully planned projects. How they are handled can make the difference between success and failure.

HKA is the world’s largest and most experienced claims management practice. Our consultants have dealt with every type of construction and engineering project. These include some of the most high-profile and complex projects across the world.

For over four decades, HKA has acted for clients in more than 50,000 disputes worth in excess of US$100 billion.

We have built a multidisciplinary team of talented claims specialists drawing on the expertise of engineers, architects, project and construction managers, quantity surveyors, forensic accountants, and a range of specialists in scheduling, delay and disruption analysis, and other construction disciplines.

Our claims specialists investigate and analyse the causes and effects of the events that have arisen, prepare submissions and present your case. Their skills and experience are invaluable when analysing contractual liability and causation, and quantifying the effects in pursuing or defending claims. This thorough evaluation leads to the best solution for our clients, who may be:

  • claimants or defendants
  • owners and governments
  • contractors or subcontractors
  • architectural practices
  • engineering consultants
  • law firms
  • insurance companies
  • commercial and investment banks.

Claims Management Tool

HKA’s Claims Management Tool helps clients maintain compliance with clear oversight and control of claims. The tool provides a clear picture of the status of every claim – for all projects and territories – in one place.

HKA’s claims management tool offers transparency. You can view real-time tracking of each claim for every project worldwide. You’re also able to do this through a series of dashboards that are viewable, anytime on all electronic devices (laptop, tablet or smartphone).

A key component of HKA’s Claims Governance Framework, the tool and its dashboards show the current status of each claim and progress at each stage of processing. It also gives instant access to related documents, requests for information (RFIs), minutes and reports, so HKA and client teams can collaborate more efficiently.

The Claims Management Tool was developed by our technology group, HKA Tech and our digital analytics team, with input from HKA claims specialists. Clients worldwide are using HKA Tech systems to manage their projects and claims.

For further information, you can download the flyer or for a private demonstration of the Claims Management Tool, please contact

What are Claims Management Services?

In construction, claims management services help companies claim for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other loss or damage within the terms of their construction contract. Claims management comes in the form of either professional advice or construction claims management services, carried out by experienced professionals.


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