We are able to deploy focused and highly efficient teams of experienced corporate fraud investigators that achieve rapid and cost-effective results.

The internal and external threats from fraud, theft and accounting irregularities multiply with an organisation’s scale and global digitalisation.

Fraud’s true toll on businesses may never be known, but credible estimates – such as that by the US Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – put the annual cost at an average of 5% of annual revenue. Companies not only suffer financial loss, when impropriety comes to light, they face a tumultuous time of internal investigations, intensified when conducted under the glare of negative publicity.

HKA’s financial fraud investigators and global forensic accountants are seasoned specialists who help you navigate the fallout and ramifications of fraud allegations. Our consultants also work with clients to anticipate risks, remedy inadequate internal controls, and guard against employee theft, cyber criminals, and the many other risks in today’s business environment.


Our people have conducted tens of thousands of hours of financial crime investigations and risk assessments, responding to and pre-empting corporate fraud and malfeasance. We work with clients’ boards of directors, insurance companies, internal auditors, general counsel and external counsel – and, where appropriate, with regulatory agencies – providing investigatory support for plaintiff or defence.

HKA’s professionals are highly qualified – Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFFs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), US Government Investigators – with the required expertise in technical accounting, planning and conducting investigations, identifying data sources, and performing interviews. Our teams also deploy essential complementary skills in digital forensic data, big data analysis, and cybersecurity.

Our financial fraud investigation experts have extensive experience conducting investigations and testifying on fraud and regulatory matters in different jurisdictions across the globe. We also provide support outside of the litigation process tracing assets and assisting organisations that often need to explore allegations or malfeasance thoroughly prior to an expensive litigation or regulatory investigation.

Much of our work is proactive rather than reactive, and involves identifying business areas potentially susceptible to fraud, assessing and prioritising risks, and recommending steps to remediate or mitigate those risks. We also provide tailored training tailored to strengthen the control environment.

HKA has the capacity to execute large-scale engagements around the world. However, we are highly regarded for our capability to deploy small, focused and highly efficient teams of experienced investigators that achieve rapid and cost-effective results.

Corporate fraud investigation service areas

Our work on corporate fraud investigations and risk assessment includes:

  • Accounting irregularities
  • Bribery and corruption (including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act)
  • Cryptocurrency and digital assets
  • Funds and asset tracing
  • False Claims Act
  • Insurance claims
  • Anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer
  • Ponzi scheme investigations
  • Receiverships
  • Regulatory investigations

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