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The technology, media and telecommunications sector thrives on rapid change, and in general, companies prospered amid the pandemic, compared with counterparts in other industries. However, even as returns fall back, inflation surges, and the cost of capital increases, the pace of technological change is accelerating.

AI, 5G, cloud-based applications, blockchain, virtual reality, Web3, the metaverse and other emerging developments – from edge to quantum computing – have profound implications for business operations and service delivery. Just as significant, the competitive landscape is becoming even more complex as developers, tech giants, and new entrants from other fields and territories jostle to compete or collaborate as technologies converge.

Anticipating the shifting tastes of consumers is a challenge in fast-moving markets. As in other sectors, environmental, social and governance (ESG) is also a growing concern for companies across a broad spectrum from software to hardware, and content production to manufacturing. Meanwhile, supply chain disruption increases the risks of delay, default, and cost escalation, and geopolitical factors add to the uncertainty.

In such a dynamic environment, the scope for conflict increases, as do the stakes. Globally, over recent years, the prevalence of disputes in the technology, media and telecoms sector has been high. Common issues include intellectual property (IP), licensing agreements, joint ventures, post-merger/acquisition, contractor or supplier shortcomings, or investor-state conflicts. Many cases involve significant sums.

Our Technology, Media, and Telecoms (TMT) expert, consulting and advisory services

HKA is a world-leading consultancy in risk mitigation and dispute resolution. Lawyers and clients around the world turn to us when seeking experts to resolve disputes and complex technical or valuation issues. We offer them unmatched breadth and depth of expertise, proven internationally in various dispute forums.

HKA employs many of the world’s most foremost TMT experts, consultants and advisors across a comprehensive range of disciplines – from business interruption to professional competence, delay analysis to forensic accounting and commercial damages.

Consistently ranked among the world’s foremost firms by Who’s Who Legal (WWL), we are also the largest accredited corporate provider of expert services with the Academy of Experts, and ranked second in the Global Arbitration Review GAR 100 Expert Witness Power Index 2024.

Expert Witness, Advisory & Determination

HKA’s technology expert witnesses bridge the legal-technical divide, and draw on first-hand experience gained in many sectors, including media, technology and telecoms. Highly regarded for their clarity as well as knowledge, they cut through complexity to the crux of the matter.

Commercial Damages & Valuation

Our experienced professionals provide the robust calculations of economic damages or asset values that underpin successful dispute awards and settlements – backed up with expert testimony, where required. Supporting you at any stage of the dispute resolution cycle, our teams are well versed in commercial disputes, joint-venture and post-merger/acquisition, insurance claims, and IP.

Forensic Accounting & Investigations

We help clients and outside counsel navigate the often-complex ramifications of alleged fraud, misappropriation, and regulatory violations. Forensic investigators support HKA’s team dedicated to Government Contracts consultancy, where required. Liaising with insurers and regulators, we earn trust through our transparent investigations, thorough analysis, and clear and credible independent opinions and testimony.

Forensic Technical Services

Given the breadth of our multi-disciplinary line-up, we can provide specialists with the expertise and authority to resolve most technical matters. This talent pool of expert witnesses and advisers covers just about every facet of buildings, engineering and project management and ranges from IT and data technology to ESG and climate change.

Our Technology, Media, and Telecoms experts

As an independent firm with a global reach, we can match an expert to the brief for most disputes in the sector, and to the region, language, jurisdiction or forum. We have testified across Europe, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific before courts, arbitration tribunals and regulatory boards, and various international forums.


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