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The emergence of new technologies such as 5G, AI, and Web3 has noteworthy implications for companies operating in the technology sector. This industry is becoming increasingly complex, and in such a rapidly changing environment, it is inevitable that new conflicts will arise.

These conflicts often require highly specialised and technical knowledge. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so does the expertise required to settle a claim or dispute in court.

How our technology, media and telecoms expert witnesses can help

At HKA, the depth and breadth of our expertise in the technology, media and telecoms sectors are unmatched. Clients and lawyers seek out our reputable and experienced testifying expert witnesses.

In addition to our industry-leading knowledge, we excel in providing clarity on complex matters. Through rigorous analysis, we present our findings in concise and insightful reports. It is this combination of technical knowledge and effective communication that has earned us an impressive track record in helping to resolve complex disputes on a global scale.

Our team of technology, media and telecoms expert witnesses

Our highly skilled professionals have received recognition in Who’s Who Legal, demonstrating their global reputation for excellence in the industry. With extensive experience spanning across various industries and sectors, they possess the expertise and knowledge to help resolve a wide range of disputes. 

As a global firm, HKA has offices in more than 45 locations worldwide, allowing us to operate in multiple languages. By collaborating with us, you will have access to the most experienced and knowledgeable technology, media and telecoms dispute expert witnesses with a track record of achieving successful outcomes.

We have an extensive track record in helping clients to resolve cases and disputes in all industries. This includes construction and engineering, energy and natural resources, infrastructure and real estate, to tourism, life sciences, media and technology, and financial and professional services.

Our consultants specialise in the following areas:


Engineering and Construction Quantum
Delay and Disruption Analysis
Forensic Engineering, Architectural and Technical
Forensic Accounting and Investigations
Commercial Damages and Valuation
Government Contracts


Claims Management Services
Claims Governance
Dispute Avoidance


Infrastructure and Capital Projects


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