Buildings, and the construction process itself, are increasingly complex – and not only one-of-a-kind projects.

Multiple subcontractor interfaces, alternative materials, and advanced MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) services must be dovetailed and delivered often within unrealistically tight schedules and margins.  

Resurgent inflation and supply chain uncertainties only add to the pressures on teams hampered by skills gaps and labour shortages as project scope changes and designs adapt. Building Information Modelling and smarter procurement templates provide opportunities to manage these uncertainties, but also pose pitfalls for the inexperienced or unwary. 

The impacts of these and other challenges on buildings’ schedules and budgets are greater than in any other segment of the global construction and engineering market, our CRUX integrated research programme shows. On 760 projects worldwide involving buildings together worth $263 billion, the time extensions claimed by contractors would overrun planned durations by more than three quarters (75.8%), on average. The Sixth Annual CRUX Insight Report also revealed that disputed costs on buildings typically exceeded a third of committed capital expenditure (31.4%).  

Yet, the industry can stem these rife, recurrent losses. 

Why HKA? 

Having investigated claims and disputes on building projects around the world, our building experts, consultants and advisors understand their underlying causes and the steps required to anticipate problems, mitigate risks and resolve conflicts. 

Over the last five years, our people have examined over $21.8 billion of claims and disputes just on building projects. 

HKA expert teams also draw on forensic technical specialists in every aspect of building construction from architecture, fire engineering and structures to MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), lifts and seismology. 

How our building experts, consultants and advisors help 

We help you navigate risks, the complexities of contracting, and the rapidly evolving technological and digital landscape. Our teams have advised governments in the UK and Mexico, and state agencies on BIM strategies. We also harness digital modelling to powerful effect in risk analysis and when investigating and resolving contractual disputes. 

We work with owners and employers, contractors, specialist subcontractors, international law firms, and government agencies, applying our knowledge and unrivalled expertise to deliver exceptional services. 

HKA has supported clients involved in many of the world’s most iconic structures, including landmark buildings such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and London’s St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. 

Our experience spans the full spectrum of building projects, including: 

  • commercial offices 
  • education (schools, colleges and universities) 
  • government buildings (including military, embassies, consulates, prisons, law courts and police stations) 
  • healthcare facilities 
  • hotels and resorts 
  • public sector buildings (including museums, libraries, and parks) 
  • real estate (housing, land, and mixed-use developments; urban regeneration, renewal and revitalisation) 
  • retail complexes 
  • places of worship 
  • sports and leisure facilities 

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