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Our quantum experts have worked on some of the world’s most complex projects in quantum disputes, so you can rest assured our team has the ability and experience to tackle even the most in-depth issues.

Many of our quantum dispute expert witnesses have presented quantum analysis reports as evidence for clients in disputes that have reached mediation, arbitration, adjudication and litigation dispute resolution forums. Several of our quantum experts are also multi-lingual, meaning we have the capacity to assist clients in most regions globally.

How our quantum experts can help

Our approach to quantum analysis begins with a performance audit of the contractor’s project costs ledgers. Based on our claim analysis and auditing, the HKA team prepares an independent estimate of the costs the contractor may be entitled to recover under the relevant contract clause granting remedy or under breach of contract or tort law.

When reviewing damages, we analyse the contractor’s efforts to mitigate its damages, its cost accounting system, and the method used to calculate damages. The proper allocation of cost may often be the key to a client establishing its recoverability as part of a construction claim.

Our expert teams draw on specialist expertise from a range of areas for this work, including:

  • Cost engineering and quantity surveying
  • Construction cost auditing
  • Assessment of damages, additional costs, loss and expense
  • Forensic accounting
  • Estimations and valuations
  • Evaluating change orders
  • Evaluation at termination
  • Forecast cost to completion


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