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Prevention is better than cure.

The best strategic advice is informed by real experience. Having established, procured, and delivered some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects in line with global best practice, we know how to set up projects and asset-intensive organisations for success.

We go beyond the typical management consultancy approach to ensure that the insights, solutions, and advice we provide are grounded in first-hand experience and tailored to your specific challenges. HKA provides end-to-end services across the entire infrastructure lifecycle – from strategic planning, development and delivery to claims and disputes. This unique 360° insight means we understand the causes of project overruns and disputes better than anyone, so be we know how to make sure that projects go right from the outset.

HKA provides end-to-end advisory services at every level, from project to enterprise, to help clients achieve desired outcomes with more clarity and certainty.

Our infrastructure & capital projects advisory services

Our role is to provide incisive and timely support at critical stages in your asset’s development or investment lifecycle. We do this through our integrated services, working as your partner on portfolios, programmes, and complex projects, or we can provide discrete elements of these services as a specialist advisor.

Our people are leading professionals in the infrastructure industry. Creative and analytical problem-solvers, HKA advisors bring a holistic perspective and a track record of achievement to solve the complex challenges facing our clients.

These insights are underpinned by CRUX, our integrated research programme that tracks common causes of claims and disputes on engineering and construction projects worldwide. HKA colleagues have analysed and resolved these problems on live projects.

Drawing on our unmatched knowledge of the critical factors in projects’ distress or success, we can help steer your project to the best possible outcome.

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Infrastructure & Capital Projects Advisory projects



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