HKA’s insurance claim experts assess the financial impacts of a diverse range of insured events.

We help the insured and insurers, as well as acting in subrogation claims, by quantifying the actual loss suffered. Our insurance claim experts present the loss analysis in meetings between the parties and support discussions. Where settlements cannot be negotiated, we also provide expert testimony before national courts and national or international tribunals.

Adding value

We assemble a team with the skills and experience to meet your needs and add value. Our forensic accountants and commercial damages experts routinely work alongside HKA’s other technical experts where needed.

In insurance claims arising from fraud, we can establish how the deception was perpetrated as well as the quantum of loss.

Our engineering colleagues in Forensic Technical Services can determine the root cause of insured events, such as fires, helping answer questions of coverage and subrogation.

Wide coverage

The varied insurance claim matters we handle include the following main areas:

  • The assessment of losses arising from alleged business interruption
  • Investigating and advising on claims under fidelity insurance policies
  • Calculating and assisting on claims brought under Directors & Officers policies, including professional negligence
  • Personal injury cases, including estimation of lost future earnings
  • Quantifying stock losses following fires and other events

Diverse experience

Our insurance claim experts have dealt with insurance claims and assessed losses in most industries and countries across Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania.

We have extensive experience in all industries, including: aerospace and defence, construction and engineering, energy and natural resources, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, production and manufacturing, marine and shipping, real estate and tourism, sports and entertainment, media and telecoms.


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