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Listen to our recent panel discussion: Critical Path “for Dummies”

On 25 April 2023, we held the second of the series of HKA ‘Breakfast Bite’ events in London, where the speakers explored various types of programmes and their significance in project planning and execution. They delved into the critical path – a fundamental aspect of any programme, and explain why identifying it is important. In addition, they discussed how delay events can impact the critical path and its relation to EOT (Extension of Time). The speakers showcased examples to demonstrate how the critical path can switch from one activity to another and explore programme deficiencies and their impact on the critical path.

The introduction was done by Russell Bates, Principal. Haris Katostaras, Director, presented on the analysis perspective of critical path and David Sawtell, Barrister, 39 Essex Chambers, provided the view from the legal team.

Below are the timestamps in which our experts began speaking:

Russell Bates – Introduction: 0:00

Haris Katostaras – Critical Path – Analysis Perspective: 3:06

David Sawtell – The view from the legal team: 36:52

Questions: 57:28

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