HKA’s international reputation for resolving time and cost overruns is hard-earned. Credible, objective analysis and innovative approaches to dispute resolution save our clients time and money.

HKA consultants have been helping clients resolve disputes for more than 40 years, acting in cases of adjudication, mediation, expert determination, arbitration, and litigation. Clients who rely on our advice know they have the world’s most experienced claims consultancy on their side.

Our proven toolkit of dispute resolution services includes methods developed in-house that have been shaped by this vast experience and proven in different sectors and territories.

Our dispute resolution services are comprehensive and include:

Adjudication: We are highly experienced in managing adjudication proceedings and act in one of four distinct roles – lead party representatives, advisory capacity, independent expert witnesses, and adjudicators – to ensure that complex legal issues are dealt with effectively during the adjudication.

Mediation: We developed a unique alternative form of dispute resolution that blends our technical analysis and mediation services. It is called Project Neutral. Retained jointly, HKA experts objectively assess the matters in dispute and clearly present their findings to both sides. A trained mediator leads our team and our clients’ advisers as they search for solutions and move towards a negotiated settlement. The Project Neutral approach allows both sides, and their counsel, to maintain control of the process and the resulting settlement.

Dispute boards and contract adjudication: We provide the full range of expert services needed to secure decisions, including dispute strategy and management of proceedings, as well as hearings; written and oral advocacy of case; expert witness reports; dealing with jurisdictional and other types of challenge; amicable settlement and without prejudice negotiations.

Arbitration: We impart a full managed arbitration service in accordance with the arbitration agreement including guidance and advice through each step of the arbitration process: timescales, procedural rules and matters, submissions, roles and responsibilities of those involved; advice on key appointments: arbitrators, counsel and expert witnesses; organisation of hearing venues and transcription services; advice on witnesses of fact and witness statements; fact and expert witnesses; and review and explanation of award.

Litigation: As part of our litigation support service we provide strategy and technical advice; prepare issue files and requests for admission; answer and prepare interrogatories; assist in depositions; present claims analysis through expert reports and provide expert witness testimony.