WWL recognises 45 HKA experts in 2021 Consulting Expert Witness Analysis

HKA’s position as a world-leading consultancy for multi-disciplinary expert and specialist services in risk mitigation and dispute resolution has been underlined in Who’s Who Legal (WWL) Consulting 2021 analysis.

Based on eminent practitioners’ feedback, this trusted research report names 45 HKA specialists in its latest listing of the world’s most effective expert witnesses.

WWL’s in-depth research highlights the leading experts and future leaders who stand out in the market for their exceptional work on quantum, delay and technical issues, damages assessments and asset valuations as well as their strong testifying experience.  

The analysis brings together a variety of expert disciplines. HKA’s experts feature in three categories: Construction – Quantum, Delay & Technical as ‘Leading Firm’; Financial Advisory and Valuation –Quantum of Damages; and Forensic Accountants.

“I am immensely proud to see 45 of our experts from around the world being recognised by WWL in their 2021 Consulting analysis. This is testament to their incredibly strong track record for anticipating and responding to clients’ needs and helping them to achieve the best possible outcomes on complex cases and challenging projects.”

Renny Borhan, Partner & CEO

“A sincere thank you to our peers, clients and lawyers and attorneys for taking the time to provide references and endorsements, and enormous congratulations to our experts for this noteworthy recognition.”

HKA global leaders recognised in the 2021 WWL Consulting Expert Witnesses Analysis

Maged Abdelsayed is a leading name in the Canadian market, highly sought after by clients thanks to his extensive experience acting as expert witness in disputes related to complex project delays.”

Nabil Tawil is esteemed for his strong technical ability and is regularly engaged to provide testimony on complex quantum matters.”

 “David Atkinson is “a very experienced delay expert” who impresses sources with his “dedication to understanding the detail”.”

Kenneth Baker has a stellar reputation as a testifying expert thanks to his specialist knowledge of complex construction claims.”

Russell Bates is a leading expert in construction claims and is applauded by sources for his extensive experience under cross-examination.”

Chris Beirise is widely recognised as a leading name for complex quantum matters and is highly rated for his market-leading industry knowledge.”

Geoff Bewsey is a well-recognised figure who enjoys an excellent reputation among sources as a go-to expert for construction disputes.”

Gerry Brannigan is a “very well-known” technical expert with vast experience advising on highly complex construction projects.”

Peter Caillard is a notable technical expert who impresses with his deep knowledge and understanding of the construction market.”

Tim Chitester is “a first-rate forensic technical expert, delay expert, and quantum expert” with “tremendous experience as an expert witness in complex construction litigation”.”

Hamish Clark is highlighted for his well-established disputes practice and enjoys a superb reputation among sources for his first-rate expert witness work.”

William Cook is recognised as a top-tier expert witness with outstanding experience in high-value international infrastructure disputes.”

Igor Corelj is applauded for “his innate ability to quickly identify the key issues and give clear advice on the ramifications of those issues”.”

Tanner Courrier earns acclaim from respondents thanks to his deep knowledge of cost and schedule analysis.”

Alex Currie is a highly respected expert thanks to his impressive experience providing expert testimony in contentious proceedings relating to construction and engineering projects.”

Mark Dixon is a go-to construction expert according to impressed clients who say he “takes a pro-active approach to dealing with the issues and has an ability to explain things simply, and in a manner that appeals to a tribunal”.”

Emyr Evans is a top-notch quantum expert, held in high regard for his extensive experience of disputes across the infrastructure and energy sectors.”

Dan Feinblum earns widespread plaudits from interviewees who rate him for his ” detail-oriented and meticulous” approach.”

Frank Giunta is highly regarded among market sources, earning high praise for his skill in cost and delay analysis.”

Roula Harfouche is lauded by peers for her “assiduous preparation and attention to detail resulting in confident and convincing work”.”

Martin Hicks is “a very experienced and clever forensic delay analyst” who earns plaudits for his ability to “distil complex analysis into easily digestible narrative”.”

Scott Hollingsworth is “everything you want in a scheduling/damages expert” according to sources who “cannot say enough great things about his work” and would “highly recommend him”.” 

Jonathan Humphrey is recognised for his top-notch work assisting clients in high-value commercial and financial disputes, where he provides first-rate expert testimony.”

John Jones earns widespread acclaim thanks to his impressive work providing expert testimony in complex construction disputes.”

Colin Johnson proves himself to be an “indispensable expert” with a strong evaluative approach to complex quantum issues.”

Tom Kapapa is highly active in the Middle East market and wins praise from sources who note that “he is a leader in the field.”

Ekrem Kaya is highly sought after in the market thanks to his “impressive specialisation in claims from quantitative, qualitative and legal point of view”.”

Daniel Kwon earns widespread plaudits thanks to his ability to provide “rapid evaluation and assessment of complex construction issues”.”

Franco Mastrandrea is a distinguished figure in the construction sector hailed as “excellent on quantum matters”.”

David McIntyre is widely endorsed for his significant experience advising clients on complex international disputes across the power sector.”

John McTyre is a leading quantum and delay expert who stands out for his remarkable experience of high-value construction disputes.”

Derek Nelson “has remarkable clarity of thought and expression” comment sources, who add, “I would rate him as among the finest experts that I have worked with”.”

Doug Neville is an “immensely experienced and able engineer” with deep expertise in “very complex international construction disputes”.”

Haroon Niazi is highlighted for his strong international experience and expertise in disputes involving quantum and delay issues.”

Trevor Pettigrew-Smith is a highly skilled expert witness who excels in disputes involving high-value and complex construction projects.”

Paul Pocalyko possesses extensive testifying experience in international construction disputes and is widely recognised for his strong quantum expertise.”

Colin Russell is a prominent name in the Middle East market where he is renowned for his excellent work on quantum analysis.”

David Saunders is described by commentators as “a very poised and articulate expert in both direct and cross-examination” who brings “outside-the-box creativity” to his cases.”

Richard Sieracki has amassed over 45 years’ experience in the construction sector and is widely commended for his specialist knowledge of damages and delay analysis.”

Larry Smith is a “first-class consultant” and “a gifted engineer” laud sources who highlight him as “a tremendous natural trial witness”.”

Andrei Soltan is “a highly capable expert witness” who “has an exceptional ability to look into the depths of a problem and come out with the best solution”.”

Chris Spandau is a top-notch expert in engineering and construction disputes with deep expertise in the transportation field.”

Michael Tonkin is singled out among peers as “a very big name in the region” for construction claims.”

Peter Vosbikian always provides robust analysis and “a true professional known for his excellent client service”.”

Peter Wallace is a highly regarded expert witness singled out for his deep expertise in quantum and risk analysis.”

HKA has ranked as the top firm in WWL’s Construction Expert Witnesses analysis for the last five years, with its leading quantum, engineering, delay and damages experts being recognised for their skills and reputation. HKA expert witnesses also feature in WWL’s Arbitration, Litigation, Quantum of Damages, Forensic Accounting, Investigations and Energy analysis, selected for their excellence across a wide range of matters in dispute. The firm has been awarded Construction Expert Witness Firm of the Year by WWL in 2018 and 2020.

About HKA

HKA is the world’s leading consultancy of choice for multi-disciplinary expert and specialist services in risk mitigation and dispute resolution within the capital projects and infrastructure sector.

We also have particular experience advising clients on the economic impact of commercial and investment treaty disputes and in forensic accounting matters. In addition, HKA supports companies that conduct business with the US Federal Government, providing them with consulting services on complex government contracting matters.

As trusted independent consultants, experts and advisors, we deliver solutions amid uncertainty, dispute and overrun, and provide the insights that make the best possible outcomes a reality for public and private sector clients worldwide.

HKA has in excess of 1,000 consultants, experts and advisors in more than 40 offices across 17 countries.

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