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A conversation with Izel Hart, Senior Consultant

Izel Hart is a Senior Consultant based in our Johannesburg office. She has over 15 years’ experience in project commercial management, contract management, commercial administration, contract drafting, tender evaluation and adjudication, operations forecasting, and commercial management.  

We spoke to Izel about her background in claims management, the project she is most proud of, her passions outside of work and she gives advice to upcoming claims consultants.

Tell me about your background.

I started my career as an administration clerk for a well-known petroleum company. This was my first taste of the corporate world and the intricacy of project leadership. This position afforded me a unique perspective into all the so-called puzzle pieces a massive assessment requires before a win can be achieved.  

My curiosity led me to be part of numerous greenfield projects across a broad spectrum of various industries, and I’ve been learning ever since. 

What attracted you to your specialty?

No two projects are the same; the claims environment is constantly changing. It’s the one thing I enjoy the most. As the project parameters change, you must redirect your thoughts and your interpretation of what you know. My skills are continuously being put to the test. As a claims manager, you’re consistently developing your skills, which allows for growth, and I find this intriguing.

What was a project you were involved in that you are most proud of? 

I was part of a dynamic team responsible for implementing a massive greenfield project for a new iron ore mine. This project was based in a very remote area with limited access to major infrastructure and posed a real challenge when it came to managing all the various contractor interfaces and their schedules. Our team managed to get the project up and running on time and within the budget constraints limiting contractor claims. This project was recognised as one of the most successful greenfields projects at its time and played a significant role in my career path and the drive I have as a consultant today. 

Why is HKA a stand-out employer for you? 

Our HKA team is very diverse; we have the top experts in both delay and quantum. HKA is very people driven with a lot of focus on upskilling its employees. HKA has a good culture and is renowned for its success in this industry.

What advice do you have for aspiring claims consultants? 

At HKA, you’re often involved in multiple projects at once, and your team’s deliverables change constantly, depending on your client’s needs and the ongoing development of any review. Being organised is critical. I stick to the basics of project management by always understanding what we need to achieve and understanding your team’s strengths in each aspect. Open communications with your team members go a long way in forging good team dynamics and allow for early dedication to stumbling blocks that can be better managed. This allows for a less stressful environment for your team and better results for your client. 

Is this career path what you had initially set out to do?

Not quite. As a teenager, I wanted to be involved in criminal investigations. Whilst that path was not taken, I do feel that the thing that made me tick, i.e., wanting to know why and how continues to drive me in this career path which, in a sense, always comes back to “investigations”.  

What are your passions outside of work? 

I enjoy just about anything that doesn’t involve sitting in one spot for too long. People are my passion. I love interacting with my loved ones, including my daughter, and close friends through weekend boat trips, pottery, art classes, or a good music festival. Of late we’ve had numerous music festivals with fantastic local artists, and I’m enjoying every one of them. 

I love animals. I almost hoped I’d have a homestead or farm of my own. So, whilst I don’t have any farm animals, I have 6 wonderful dogs ranging from massive to small. I’ve rescued litters in the past, and hand-raised them. 

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