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A conversation with Tracy Doyle, Partner

Tracy Doyle is a Partner based out of our Philadelphia office. She recounted her background and path into the construction industry before starting at HKA 15 years ago, what inspires her, and her typical day in her role, as well as voicing her support for the growing number of women in the industry. 

Tell me about your background.

When I graduated college with a degree in economics, I had virtually no experience or connection with the construction industry. The learning curve was quite steep – challenging but always interesting.  

I’ve always had a business development focus, though I have had the chance to work on claims, provide input on client advisory matters as well as partnering and training.  

In my previous firm, I wore many hats as the firm was quite small, so I had the chance to lead various aspects of BD such as marketing, proposals, negotiating contracts, PR, as well as face-to-face client development. During that time, our small BD team grew to a team of 6. 

I have had a focus in claims and expert consulting services, and have worked in many market sectors including infrastructure, energy, and government contracting. I have held positions in several industry associations including the American Bar Association, American Road and Transportation Builders Association, and the International Bar Association. 

What inspires you in your role?

There are lots of things that inspire me, so in no order or fashion: 

The people that I work with. This is probably the standard answer, but it is true because it is what I sell. If you do not have top talent who are motivated, smart, like-minded people to work with, it makes your job harder to do. My job is easy in the sense that we have the top talent in the business. 

My second motivating factor is the Business of Construction. I am always fascinated with how construction impacts the world we live and work in. Travelling a lot with work has enabled me to see how the world is changing and how the work we do every day can have an impact on the world we live in. 

Every client project we chase is different and everything from the project to the city to the stakeholders involved is different. I believe you need to constantly challenge yourself so as not to become complacent.  

Starting in the construction industry in the 1980’s inspired me to set a positive image for the growing number of women in the business. I did not see the fact that there were so few women in construction as a roadblock; rather I saw it as an opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd. I continue to be inspired by the growing number of brilliant women in HKA and our industry.  

Describe a typical day in your role. 

There is no such thing as a typical day in my job and I really like that. I believe to do this job well, you need to be able to juggle a lot of balls. With Frank [Giunta] and Toby [Hunt]’s guidance, there is now a more focused and organized approach to achieving the objectives we set out for global, regional, and local initiatives. 

I lead the global rail and rolling stock initiative. My team is based on several continents, we meet monthly, and strategize to pursue and win work in the global rail, transit and rolling stock market. 

I also lead our business development efforts to continue to grow our business in Canada. This has been an extremely rewarding few years. When I assumed a Canada focus four years ago, we had less than 8 people in one office. Today we number more than 45 in four offices. HKA is known as a leading consultancy in Canada. This year, we achieved Platinum Status at the Top Projects Awards Dinner, indicating our work on many of Canada’s Top Infrastructure projects in country.  

I also participate in the International Arbitration initiative, led by Howard Gendler. This is important to me as I am regularly fielding requests for experts on international arbitration matters requiring Spanish speakers in Latin America.  

What do you think has been the reason for your success? 

I enjoy my job and work hard to be successful. As I have previously stated, my key motivator is the team I work with. As we move forward with our new owner, PAI Partners, I remain motivated to drive success for the team at HKA as I deeply value what the HKA brand stands for.  

In Business Development, it goes without saying that you do a lot of traveling. What city has been your favorite to travel to and why?

London, I love the multi-cultural aspect and the history of the city. It’s an easy city to navigate and enjoy all that it has to offer.

You have been with Hill International, and now HKA, for over 15 years in total. What has kept you with the organization for so long?

The people (especially Frank Giunta, who I directly report to), the challenges, and the chance to help build the best brand in the business.

Getting to know you. What are your interests outside of work? 

I am a passionate sports and Chelsea football fan. I had always wanted to see a Chelsea game at home. So, in the fall pre-Covid, I took my sister, a die-hard Liverpool fan, to the Chelsea v. Liverpool game. Though we lost 1-0, it was a sporting highlight for me!  

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