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A conversation with Behrang Ansari, Senior Consultant, Oceania

Behrang Ansari joined HKA as a Senior Consultant in our Sydney office. He is a Civil Engineer with extensive experience in the engineering and construction industry. He has been involved in planning, programming and project administration and delivery of major infrastructure, iconic construction projects, and complex industrial energy process plants both in Australia and internationally.

We sat down with him to find out how he’s settling in.

What are your reflections so far?

I joined HKA during the lockdown. Joining a new company can be formidable at the best of times, but anyone who started a new job during the lockdown finds a new meaning to the term “first-day feeling”.

So, whilst I was happy for the short commute from my bed to my desk, I was worried about the remote onboarding process. However, I found every detail of the process was well planned, and all inductions and training went smoothly. I felt welcomed by my colleagues and every person I have met is amiable and helpful. With the help of my line manager and teammates, I could get on top of my assigned projects quickly. Since then, I have settled into my role and I’m enjoying its challenges.

What attracted you to HKA?

Most of my career has been in the infrastructure sector, so I’ve known about HKA for many years. HKA’s involvement in iconic infrastructure projects was very appealing, as was its continuous growth and development rate.

HKA provides delay and dispute expert services and advisory services for project delivery. In my opinion, combining the experience from these two disciplines can be used to set up a live project at the planning stage or early stages of a project to avoid unnecessary disputes and consequently deliver the project more efficiently.

You have had other professional roles; tell me more about them.

I studied civil and structural engineering and I’m very passionate about structural design, particularly bridges. My interest in infrastructure led me to join a top-tier construction company as a junior estimator in Iran. Gradually, I worked in different roles such as site engineer, contract administrator, and project manager, which involved preparing progress claims, delay claims, and the monthly construction program. That gave me good exposure to programming and preparing delay and disruption claims, skills I’m continuing to develop in Australia.

How is this role different to others?

My current role has similar objectives and responsibilities to my previous roles; however, it is more enjoyable because I’m working with a great team in a more dynamic environment.

What made you choose this career path?

As a person who has experienced both sides of the table, as a contractor who made claims and as a delay analyst who reviews claims, I found the delay analyst job more enjoyable.

Part of that is due to my interest in law and contracts as well as investigation and problem-solving.

What do you love about what you do?

Iconic infrastructure projects have always fascinated me. It gives me life satisfaction to be part of a team that builds an infrastructure project which improves people lives.

How do you manage balance in your life?

I have set a routine for my workdays, and I follow that routine most of the time. Working from home plays a significant role in balancing my life, especially when I need to attend to my baby’s needs. 

Iconic infrastructure projects have always fascinated me. It gives me life satisfaction to be part of a team that builds an infrastructure project which improves people lives.

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