Award | AIPM NSW Transformation Project of the year

30th November 2020


Congratulations to the Sydney Water Partnering for Success (P4S) team who were awarded the AIPM NSW Transformation Project of the year.

AIPM received the highest number of entrants since the inception of the awards. This achievement recognises the whole integrated team effort for the planning and implementation of P4S.  Every milestone was successfully delivered on time.

P4S is a fully integrated collaborative enterprise model. Aligned to Project 13 principles, the program is also the first to use the NEC4 contract suite in Australia. The new Planning Partner and three delivery partners are successfully onboarded and the HKA team continues to support integration and transformation.

This award reflects our strong relationship with Sydney Water, where our team proudly continues to work as a trusted advisor. For more information on the submission please contact HKA’s marketing team.


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