Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity

Today marks International Women’s Day 2023, where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and girls around the world.

At HKA, we’re actively playing a part to achieve gender parity in our business, and we’re getting behind the global effort to #EmbraceEquity.

” On International Women’s Day, HKA celebrates the incredible achievements of women and girls throughout history, and recognise that there is still much work to be done to achieve true gender equality in every aspect of society.”

Chris Bernard, Partner and Global People Recruitment and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

To celebrate #IWD2023, HKA’s global leadership team and colleagues came together to discuss some important issues surrounding gender representation and the United Nations’ ambition to achieve gender parity.

The United Nations set a goal back in 2015 to achieve gender parity for women in areas of economic, educational and financial advancements by 2030. In the most recent assessment, the view is that there has been a number of global shocks, including the pandemic, which have resulted in the slowing of progress in gender parity, and the UN’s revised target date is now 2108.

Listen to our colleagues’ thoughts below:

Listen to the discussion in full here:

HKA International Women’s Day Panel Discussion (In order of teams recording)

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