Delay analysis with a human touch

22nd October 2019


Are the traditional delay expert’s days numbered?

Andrei Soltan’s article looks at what delay analysis involves now and opine if the traditional delay expert’s days are numbered or how to adapt to remain relevant.

Given the current pace of technological development and how artificial intelligence (AI) already manages complex tasks (e.g. self driving cars) by processing large amounts of data, I am genuinely interested to know what delay analysis will look like in 10 years.

As we cannot predict the future, we cannot say for certain if we will be debating in 10 years from now about prospective vs retrospective, concurrent delays, the differences between the as-built and actual critical paths, the types of delay methodologies etc. Nevertheless, we could interpret the signs of our times to discern where the construction industry is heading and understand if we need to change how we do our work.

Read the full article and find out Andrei Soltan’s predictions for the future role of the delay expert.

Originally published in Construction Law Review 2019.

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The delay analysts will not code any time soon and AI and ML will not perform delay analysis for us and, more so, will not testify in Courts. ”
Andrei Soltan, Associate Director, HKA

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