HKA-sponsored Dubai Hurricanes take the Gulf Men’s League Dubai Rugby 7s title for the first time in over a decade

The Dubai Hurricanes, proudly sponsored by HKA for the past two years, took the Dubai Rugby 7s Gulf Men’s League the title for the first time in over a decade.

The Dubai Rugby 7s, one of the world’s premier Sevens events, was held on 5-7 December at the Sevens Stadium in Dubai.

Dubai Hurricanes took on Abu Dhabi Harlequins in the finals of the Gulf Men’s league, with both teams coming into the finals unbeaten. Both teams played an exceptional game of rugby, but the Abu Dhabi Harlequins’ defence was no match for the Hurricanes’ forwards, resulting in a 24-14 win for the Hurricanes.

At HKA, we recognise sport has a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and the wider society and that is why we are committed to sponsoring the Hurricanes, a club that provides the best rugby experience for players from 4 to 50 years old.

Speaking of the final, Hurricanes’ fly-half, Finck, said: “I believe that our defence won us the tournament, which was first-class throughout”. Finck went on to say that the team had made great progress this season with a more professional coaching set-up and better systems in place.

The Dubai Hurricanes in action! Left: (L-R) Elliot Speed, Lewis Anderson and Pio Tanimatuku. Right: Ed Lewis

HKA Partner Benjamin Highfield, who attended the final at the Sevens Stadium, said: “The atmosphere at the final was electric. I doubt anyone could deny the intense levels of determination and grit shown by both teams, but the Canes deservedly came out top.”

And it’s not just Ben who is an avid rugby fan; his son and two daughters train at the Dubai Hurricanes in the U10s, U8s and U6s teams respectively.

He continued: “Rugby is a fantastic sport that helps foster teamwork, build physical and mental strength, and keep active. My children already enjoy training with the club, but to see the Canes take home the 7s title really makes the club an even more inspiring place to be.”

About the Dubai Hurricanes

The Dubai Hurricanes was formed in 1999. Due to the dedication of many volunteers, the club has grown significantly during its short history and has witnessed huge success and development both on and off the pitch.

The club now boasts a variety of thriving teams, as well as a successful netball team.

Find out more about the Dubai Hurricanes.


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